Hoi An is not only a famous tourist destination in Vietnam but well known all over the world.

It is an ancient town and peaceful situated on the Thu Bon River with hundreds of years of history. With many attractions with the favor of nature and peace has attracted millions of visitors from all over the world.

Location of coastal estuary, the meeting point of the waterway and also the convergence of economic and cultural culture for many centuries, Hoi An has a diverse cuisine with distinct shades. Enjoying delicious food and specialties with the special flavor of Hoi An is something everyone needs to experience.

Welcome to our restaurant – Viet Ngon Restaurant Hoi An!

Viet Ngon Restaurant is located at 143 Phan Chau Trinh in the heart of the old town where you can find the traditional Vietnamese flavors of different local and European flavors in the world. The restaurant is proud of its richness, variety and long experience has created a reputation for restaurants today.

Viet Ngon restaurant impressed not only by the delicious taste of the food but also relaxed atmosphere, professional service style. This restaurant ensures to provide the freshest food with high quality for customers. Besides, there are many kinds of attractive drinks to make you more delicious.

Come to the restaurant so we serve you, so you feel culinary elite old town.

“Customer satisfaction is our happiness”